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    Birdie Stogie Matches

    Light up your round with the traditional, 10-match booklet. This white match book contain 10 white head strike matches, with the iconic Birdie ® Stogie logo imprinted in red. Flip the front cover over and use the strike area on the back of the booklet for a consistent strike and light, every time.
  • How'd you like a beer bottle opener that fits right into your wallet? With a slim credit card style design, this stainless steel beauty is perfectly convenient and ideal for the wallet carrying man in your life. Just slip it into a designated slot in your billfold and you'll never be without a proper beer opener again. Made of high grade stainless steel and the size of a credit card, it's easy to keep with you as you enjoy your favorite beer, in your favorite weather, with your favorite people. Never be left without a bottle opener again. Dimensions: 3 1/3"L x 2"W
  • Never light up a Birdie ® Stogie without cutting with a Birdie cigar cutter... It's just bad ju-ju, and we can't have that going against us while on the golf course. This basic cigar cutter is a notch above your traditional, single-blade guillotine style cutters. Rather than pinch off the tops of your cigars, this dual blade style cigar cutter is SHARP, and will quickly and easily make a perfect cut with minimum effort. Made of stainless steel blades and a sleek and affordable black plastic frame. Split stogies with ring gauges of 58 and below.
  • Boveda Humidor Packs


    75% 60g Humidor Packs

    Use one Boveda 60 gram for every 25 cigars a humidor can hold. (For example, 4 Boveda provide humidity control for a 100-count humidor.) Boveda is precise, complete and easy cigar care; no more guessing or worrying about over-humidifying your cigars. No more hassle and messing with; wet sponges, solutions, gels, beads, etc. Just toss a pack in and watch it work:
    • Automatically adds AND absorbs moisture with Boveda's patented 2-way humidity control
    • Prevents cigars from splitting and bloating
    • Enhances—doesn’t change—flavor and aroma
  • Take to the links and swing for a birdie while you use the Birdie ® Stogie 2.75” Golf Tees Pack. This natural wood assortment comes with 20 tees, perfect for lasting through a full round of golf. For a more enjoyable day at the course, the longer tee length enables you to pull out your driver head or push the tee further into the ground to accommodate your iron club. Also available for Par ® Bogey ® and Double Bogey ® users too! FEATURES:
    • Type: Wooden performance tees
    • Color: Birdie Red, Par Black, Bogey Green, Double Orange
    • Amount: 20 pack
    • Length: 2 3/4”
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    Dig yourself out of the lowest of the lows, with a price to match. The Triple Bogey ® Stogie is our most budget-friendly cigar, while still offering a premium handmade cigar with outstanding construction and burn. Don’t let the affordability of this cigar fool you, this cigar will have you begging to write down a triple bogey on the scorecard! The Triple Bogey ® is a phenomenal premium cigar offering for the ‘everyday’ smoker on a budget. These 5 × 50 Robusto’s burn slow and even, thanks to the masterful construction, akin to quality found within higher-end releases. Rich, medium-bodied notes of leather, cedar, and other earthy nuances are exceptionally balanced against a subtle backbone of sweetened spice, making this affordable stick a perfect selection any time of day! Handmade using a binder and a lush blend of premium short tobacco fillers from Nicaragua, rolled by hand within a dark and oily Habano leaf. A rich and exquisite experience under the popular banner of value-priced cigars, the Triple Bogey ® is a superlative release that doesn’t sacrifice quality or flavor, despite its incredibly-affordable price tag. These gems may be affordable, but they certainly aren’t’ cheap! Strength: Medium
  • Identify your bag quicker, and from further distances with this silicone Birdie Stogie golf bag tag. Nothing screams, "I made Birdies" like having one of these puppies dangling from your towel clip or bag zipper. Separate yourself from the rest of the Titleist golf bags out there by adding a little flare, and letting the group that you are playing with know that you might have some added relaxation and celebratory Birdie Stogies hiding somewhere in that golf bag with you. Perfect for golf bags or used as a key chain for the personal golf cart, be sure to represent your favorite celebratory golf cigar.
    • Dimensions: 2.5" x 2.5"
    • Material: Silicone
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    Hopefully they are a rarity for your game, but nonetheless, double bogies can rear their dark, ugly heads at anytime during a good round. The Double Bogey ® Stogie is the perfect cigar to get your head back on track. Covered with a dark and juicy maduro wrapper, paired with quality aged binder and long-filler Dominican tobaccos, these mellow to medium body smokes are brimming with mouthwatering notes of cocoa, coffee, leather, sweet spice, and chocolate. The Double Bogey ® Stogies will give you a mild smoke with exceptional flavor and smooth after taste; make for a very satisfying experience that will appeal to both the newbie and veteran cigar enthusiasts. Strength: Mild to Medium
  • Identify your bag quicker, and from further distances with this metal Birdie Stogie golf bag tag. Nothing screams, "I made Birdies" like having one of these puppies dangling from your towel clip or bag zipper. Separate yourself from the rest of the Titleist golf bags out there by adding a little flare, and letting the group that you are playing with know that you might have some added relaxation and celebratory Birdie Stogies hiding somewhere in that golf bag with you. Perfect for golf bags or used as a key chain for the personal golf cart, be sure to represent your favorite celebratory golf cigar.
    • Dimensions: 2.5" x 2.5"
    • Material: Metal
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    The every hole stogie. Designed to ease the pain of writing that bogey down on the scorecard, the Bogey Stogie ™ consists of an extremely high quality Cuban seed tobacco blend, best known as "piloto Cubano", which is grown and aged in the Dominican Republic, and then hand-wrapped in a great looking Connecticut wrapper from Ecuador for a mild finish. The Bogey Stogie ™ will ensure you are still enjoying your day out on the course, even if your scorecard is not a reflection such enjoyment.
    • Shape: Toro
    • Size: 6" x 50
    • Type: Connecticut
    • Wrapper: Ecuador
    • Binder: Dominican
    • Filler: Cuban, Dominican
    • Strength: Mild to Medium
    • Notes: Straw, Hay, Cedar, Earth, Cream.
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    Ahh… The classic three-putt. Nothing leaves a more sour taste in your mouth than getting to the green in regulation, and taking 3 strokes to put it in the hole. This cigar was brought into the line-up to combat that sour taste with some sugary sweetness. The 3-Putt ® cigar is a thin shot of velvety smooth and sweetness. Dominican filler and binder are covered by a beautiful a Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, and then sugar tipped for an extra sweet finish. If you have ever wanted to try sweet cigars, these babies are for you.
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    It is one of the hardest shots in golf... The opening first tee ball. For those of you who go from the parking lot to the first tee without an adequate warm-up on the range, this stogie is for you! Make sure you never have to re-tee your "breakfast ball" without a Breakfast Ball ® cigar to go with it. Burning slow and even, thanks to the masterful construction, akin to quality found within higher-end releases. The Breakfast Ball ® carries a mild profile with natural notes of cream and chocolate. A mellow and smooth smoke blended with coffee from Colombia, this cigar is a perfect early morning pick-me-up, or to help calm the nerves of standing on the first tee.
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    Ahh... The snowman, dog balls, or simply - the dreaded eight. Truth is, it happens. Eights are never the score you intend on and usually indicate that your round is not going the direction you intended. No better way to get back on track than cutting and lighting the Snowman stogie. The Snowman Stogie ® is a mellow, evenly burning smoke that has a not-to-overpower hint of vanilla. Infused with vanilla from Indonesia, this cigar is comprised of aged Dominican long-filler tobacco, which are then cloaked in a light, golden Connecticut wrapper from Ecuador giving its mild profile. If you like enjoying a creamy vanilla ice cream cone on a warm summer day, or a plate of fresh baked vanilla sugar cookies over the holidays, you are going to have to try this cigar!
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    Mulligan Cigar

    Designed to ease the pain of a bad swing, the Mulligan Cigar ® is sure to take your mind off the game and refocus it on the superior quality of this cigar. Featuring a top-notch recipe from this 3-nation blend, chosen by experienced smokers for its fine craftsmanship and rich, traditional flavor. The Mulligan Cigar ® consists of hearty Honduran long-fillers, held together by a mouthwatering Indonesian binder and smooth Ecuadorian sumatra wrapper, which is then firmly pressed together offering a truly premium experience with a strength profile that sits firmly in the middle, with excellent construction and burn. This cigar has been pleasing a wide range of cigar and golf enthusiasts that require a shorter-timed smoke, just like the memory of that previous bad swing. Strength: Medium
  • Keep the meaning "Gentlemen" in the game of golf by always having a divot tool in your pocket to repair any divots left on the green from your incoming approach shots. This is the best divot tool we have ever carried. Convenient, Portable, Solid, and Extremely Durable.
    • Golf Divot Tool
    • Made from high quality stainless steel and aluminum.
    • Switchblade Pitchfork
    • Pop-up button for easy unfold of the fixer
    • Lightweight and Fold-able for convenient fit in your golf bag or pocket
    • Metal Magnetic Birdie Coin Ball Marker Included
  • Light up your round using this matte black, soft-touch jet lighter from Touchlite. This lighter will throw a solid 2" torch flame pumping extreme heat into the end of your cigar for fast, optimal lighting. While lighting up out on the golf course, wind will no longer be a factor. Get the perfect light, every time.
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    Par Cigar

    The Par ® Cigar features the finest aged Nicaraguan long filler tobaccos, covered by a Brazilian Habano binder and a stunning clay-red Nicaraguan wrapper in the form of the famous Churchill. Covered with an attractive-looking three-seam cap, the ultimate result is a medium bodied smoke with rich flavors that includes cedar, leather, roasted walnuts, with a hint of white pepper, and spice. Burning slow and steady, the Par ® Cigar is an exceptionally tasty, well-constructed, and complex smoke that will make any well-fought par worth celebrating and enjoying!
  • Birdie Stogie

    The original celebratory stogie. Designed to be enjoyed after every Birdie, the Birdie ® Stogie is beautifully constructed of select vintage Honduran & Nicaraguan long-filler, with an Indonesian binder, and then seamlessly rolled in a gorgeous, carefully aged Honduran Trojes wrapper with a triple cap classic Cuban-pigtail. With a 94 Rating, the Birdie ® Stogie offers a rich, dark, full-bodied smoke, with an one-of-a-kind aroma. Expect a well-balanced, perfectly constructed cigar brimming with rich flavor underpinned by delectably subtle nuances, making is flavorful yet smooth. Sweet, peppery, and with a hint of leather and nuts, this cigar packs a ton of unique flavor. This stogie following a made Birdie putt will leave you thinking you died and have gone to golf heaven.
  • Keep your golf clubs clean at all times with this 100% cotton velour golf towel. With hemmed edges for a clean, professional look, and a corner silver grommet and hook to conveniently attach to any golf bag. Sport your favorite golf cigar brand. About this 1.8lb Waffle Weave Golf Towel:
    • The microfiber waffle weave material is lightweight, super absorbent, and extremely effective at cleaning grips, grooves, and club heads.
    • The waffle weave material doesn't pick up excessive loose debris that can attach to other fabrics.
    • Includes corner grommet aluminum carabiner clip for attaching to your golf bag.
    • Material: 80% polyester / 20% polyamide
    • Size: 18" H x 15" W
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    Golf Cigar Holder

    Original price was: $24.99.Current price is: $19.99.
    #1 Rule: Never let your cigar touch the ground! Just like drink holders, make sure every golf cart in America has two of these cigar holders in them. This multifaceted golf cigar holder consist of two parts; The tee and the ball. The ball has a pin in the center for added stabilization. The cigar holder can be placed in the tee holder of the golf cart or stood into the ground while teeing off or putting. When the tee is unscrewed and removed, the ball can be placed in the ball holder of the golf cart as well. This golf ball cigar holder is sure to have all your golf and cigar friends jealous, so be sure to buy one for yourself... and one for them!
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    The Bogey Stogies

    Original price was: $24.97.Current price is: $19.99.
    For those below average golf fans looking for any good excuse to enjoy one of our fine products on the course, this pack is for you. The Bogey Stogie sampler is just that... A combination of our 3 budget friendly Bogey Stogies giving good variety (and covering a wide range in skill level) - Get 1-Bogey ® Stogie, 1-Double Bogey ® Stogie, and 1-Triple Bogey ® Stogie.
    • Bogey ® Stogie: Toro, Ecuador
    • Double Bogey ®: Toro, Dominican
    • Triple Bogey ®: Toro, Nicaragua
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    Waterproof Travel Humidor in a sleek black matte finish with the iconic Greenside Cigar logo on top. The ideal travel humidor made for people on the course who want ultimate protection for their cigars during their round, while exposing them to the various elements of their golf cart or golf bag. Holds up to 5 Churchill golf cigars with additional room for humidity packs, cutters and lighters. Incredibly tough and sturdy, built to last and protect.

    • Made from super strong ABS molded plastic.
    • Floats on water.
    • Airtight seal.
    • Waterproof to 100 feet deep.
    • Case can withstand temperature range -10 to 175 Fahrenheit.
    • Two removable/replaceable locking clasps that latch on hinges molded to lock and keep pressure for a strong seal.
    • One humidifier disc in lid that can be soaked in water or solution.
    • Custom urethane foam protects up to 5 cigars.
    • Lanyard with clip for easy transportation.
  • The Greenside Cigar Ashtray has been designed with many advantages, as compared to the traditional ceramic cigar ashtrays.  Made of premium silicone, the Greenside Cigar Ashtray is virtually unbreakable; offering no-slip, no-crack, no-chip, no-burning, and no effect in high-temperatures and is cold-resistant. Can standup to cold winters and hot summers, tested to last like new for years on your patio or deck. The Greenside Cigar Silicone Ashtray can even be put through the dishwasher, making for easy cleaning.
  • The slogan of the Birdie ® Stogie, make sure everyone around you knows that every bag deserves a Birdie ® Stogie, and to never tee off without one again with this classic soft T-Shirt with the slogan printed on the front, and the logo on the back.
  • The slogan of the Par ® Cigar, make sure everyone around you knows that when you are out on the golf course, you are lighting up cigars while you are slinging in pars. This classic soft T-Shirt is printed with the with the slogan "Making Pars and Lighting Cigars" on the front, and the traditional Par ® Cigar logo on the back.
  • The average golfer's routine. Eat, sleep, BOGEY and repeat. Although most of us won't see this way of life until retirement, don't be afraid to rock this classic tshirt to let everyone know what your weekend routines consist of. Even though a Bogey isn't as good as a Par or Birdie, it still means your out golfing and maybe having a cigar, and that life would be quite alright.
  • The classic Mulligan, we all know someone who has used them. Be sure to let people know you play with a group of average golfer's who continually shout "FORE", score with a six, and only write down five... because every now and again, the ball just doesn't seem to do what you told it to, and quite frankly... that's just isn't fair. Mulligan.
  • Let's face it, 3-putts happen and they are not always as enjoyable if not followed with a 3-Putt ® Cigar. This classic T-Shirt represents the art of a 3-putt... You miss, you miss again... you make! Celebrate, that it wasn't a 4-Putt.
  • The slogan of the Birdie ® Stogie, make sure everyone around you knows that you light up celebratory cigars with the first made birdie putt of your round with this classic soft T-Shirt white tee with the slogan printed on the back, and the logo on the front.
  • We have all had a case of the putting yips and managed to take 3 attempts to finish out a hole. Let everyone know that you have no problem sinking the game's easiest shot with this iconic 3-Putt ® Cigar tshirt. Comes in the traditional 3-Putt Purple label color with the 3-Putt icon located on the front left chest.
  • The Birdie ® Stogie originated from a tradition, and this T-shirt confidently communicates that lighting a Birdie ® Stogie after a made birdie putt is a golf tradition, just like every other tradition. Other traditions like the Birdie ® Stogie might include: washing your hands after using the bathroom, saying grace before supper, watching Home Alone during Christmas time... It's just something we always do to carry on the tradition and make us feel good.
  • Packed with big-time premium flavors, this cigar has been designed for the more experienced cigar smoker that favors the deep flavor profile and body of a flawless quality cigar that will slowly burn for hours. Offering a unique and complex smoking experience, our Albatross Cigar uses only Viso and Ligero primings, which give it its unusual power. Consisting of a heavy, rich-tasting, five-nation blend of the finest aged filler tobaccos, and rolled in a dark and oily Nicaraguan wrapper. Bring your cigar experience to bold new heights with the full-flavored goodness with savory notes of earth, licorice, sweet spice, and espresso. This cigar is strong, but NOT harsh, giving you a statement profile that you will surely not soon forget. WARNING: Due to the rarity of this cigar, there is a MAX 2-cigar limit per order.
  • Cigar Humidors

    Finally, you can show off without consequence! Until now, if you wanted to show off your cigars, you only had the option of a glass-top humidor. Thing is, glass top humidors perform worse than non-glass, because they leak moisture where the glass meets the wood. So how do you show off your Birdie ® Stogies while increasing moisture efficiency? The Greenside Cigar acrylic humidor and retail display is the answer. This humidor is no cheap piece of work. It's thick and heavy, with rubber feet to keep it in place. We use sturdy acrylic to trap the humidity very efficiently and the perforated acrylic shelf suspended above the floor of the humidor fits 2-3 large Boveda packs underneath. All together, you'll have the perfect aging environment for 6-month to a year (depending on opening frequencies), with no seasoning, activation or maintenance. Available in Large and Small sizes. The Large acrylic humidor comes with 2 dividers allowing for 3 different sections and storing up to 60 cigars, while the small acrylic humidor comes with 1 divider allowing for 2 separate compartments and stores approximately 40 cigars.
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    ‘Merica 4th of July Pack

    Original price was: $36.97.Current price is: $29.99.
    For those golf and cigar fans looking to trade in that punk smoke for some REAL smokes, this pack is for you! The 'Merica 4th of July sampler will allow you to light those fuses with style - and aroma... A combination of our 3 - red, white (or light grey) and blue - cigars that give the perfect balance between our highest quality (rated 94!), our most budget friendly, and a perfect middle-of-the-road stogie option. Get 1-Birdie ® Stogie, 1-Mulligan ® Cigar, and 1-Triple Bogey ® Stogie (which you can share with a friend!).
    • Birdie ® Stogie: Torpedo, Nicaragua
    • Mulligan ®: Robuso, Ecuador
    • Triple Bogey ®: Toro, Nicaragua
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    The Pain Easers

    Original price was: $40.96.Current price is: $34.99.
    Get a dose of medicine with this great sample pack with a pair of each of our Pain Easer cigars. Your Pain Easer sampler will come with 2 - Mulligan ® Cigars, and 2 - Three Putt ® Cigars. This introductory sampler is perfect for any beginning cigar fan, or for a variety of your fellow golfing 4-some looking to add 4 great cigars to their golf bag for their next round.
    • (1) Mulligan ® Cigar: Robusto, Ecuador/Indonesia/Honduras
    • (1) 3-Putt ® Cigar: Corona, Ecuador/Dominican/Dominican - Sweet Sugar Tip
      • (1) Snowman ® Stogie: Corona, Ecuador/Dominican/Dominican - Vanilla Infused (Indonesia)
      • (1) Breakfast Ball ®: Petite Corona, Dominican/Dominican/Dominican - Coffee Infused (Colombia)
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      The Cowabunga Collection (TMNT)

      Original price was: $49.96.Current price is: $39.99.
      Secure 4 great quality cigars with 4 very diverse personalities. The ultimate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan will fall in love with how our 4 bands align perfectly to our pizza-loving heroes protecting New York City. The Cowabunga Collection comes with a cigar to represent each turtle - or member in your group. 1 - Birdie ® stogie for Rafael, 1 - Mulligan ® cigar for our leader, Leonardo,  1 - 3-Putt ® cigar for Donatello, and 1 - Double Bogey ® stogie for the fun-spirited, Michelangelo. This introductory offering is perfect for buddies, brothers, or anyone looking to take out 4 great cigars to their golf round.
      • Rafael (Strong): the Birdie® stogie - a torpedo, habano from Nicaragua (94 Rating)
      • Leonardo (Leader): The Mulligan® - a medium strength box-press robusto, sumatra from Honduras
      • Donatello (Sweet): The 3-Putt® - a sweet sugar-tip corona, sumatra from Ecuador
      • Michelangelo (Charismatic): The Double Bogey® - a mild maduro, toro shape from the Dominican
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      The Scorecard

      Original price was: $55.96.Current price is: $49.99.
      Score on this perfect sample pack with an even blend of all 4 of our great stogies. Your Scorecard will come with 1 - Birdie ® Stogie, 1 - Par ® Cigar, 1 - Bogey ® Stogie, and 1 - Double Bogey ® Stogie and would technically be two-over on the round. This introductory offering is perfect for fathers, brothers, or anyone looking to add 4 great cigars to their golf bag. Your golf bag will never smell so good!
      • Birdie® Stogie: Torpedo, Nicaragua (94 Rating)
      • Par® Cigar: Churchill,  Nicaragua (93 Rating)
      • Bogey® Stogie: Toro,  Ecuador
      • Double Bogey®: Churchill, Dominican
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      The Celebratory Cigar Series

      Original price was: $75.96.Current price is: $69.99.
      Shoot 2 under with this great sample pack! An even blend of our two best, rated stogies. Your Celebratory sampler will come with 2 - Birdie ® Stogies and 2 - Par ® Cigars. This introductory offering is perfect for fathers, brothers, or anyone looking to add 4 great cigars to their golf bag. Your golf bag will never smell so good!
      • (2) Birdie ® Stogie: Torpedo, Honduran
      • (2) Par ® Cigar: Churchill, Ecuadorian
    • Available for purchases in boxes containing 10 cigars, each box purchased will contribute $10 USD donation to Bubbie's personal charity of choice, the Folds of Honor Foundation.
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      Here is your chance to be all about the Birdie. For a limited time, we are offering the trademarked Birdie ® Stogie box stuffed with both cigar and golf merchandise, making the perfect gift for that Birdie maker in your life. With over $200 in total merchandise and product, this gift pack is sure to make the special cigar and golf enthusiast in your life beam with joy. Included in the Birdie Stogie cigar box:
      • 4-Birdie Stogies
      • 1-Birdie T-Shirt
      • 1-Birdie Credit Card Bottle Opener
      • 1-Birdie Silicone Golf Bag Tag
      • 1-Birdie Golf Pouch with 10-wooden golf tees and 5-plastic ball markers
      • 1-Birdie Divot Tool with Ball Marker
      • 1-Birdie Golf Towel
      • 1-Birdie Cigar Cutter
      • 1-Birdie Golf Ball Cigar Holder
      • 1-Birdie Torch Lighter