Our Celebratory Cigar Series

Our Celebratory Cigar Series consist of one-of-a-kind stogies, and are designed to be an ultra-premium cigar, only for the few. Both of these cigars come highly-rated, and are crafted of with the superior quality unlike any other. Break the chains of convention and reward yourself with something truly unique.


Historically, the cigar represents a time of celebration or victory. The birth of a new child, weddings, business mergers, and most commonly, a victory cigar for a sporting event; cigars and winning seem to go hand in hand for as long as anyone can remember.

Cigars can taste much better after a crowning achievement. Michael Jordan after winning his 4th NBA Title, or even in the hit show Seinfeld, when Elaine is promoted to run the J. Peterman Catalog… both scenarios where a celebratory stogie was waiting nearby, and then enjoyed after remarkable accomplishments.

In films like Independence Day, Will Smith carried cigars as his good luck charm and when he walked away as a hero, he had a stogie in his mouth as a mark of victory. In some traditions, a cigar is purchased for luck and only enjoyed when the goal is achieved. In this tradition, the cigar not only serves as a means of celebration, but also a reward and a source of encouragement.

It was in this form that the Greenside Cigar Company decided to release the Celebratory Cigar Series…