Our Golf Cigar Sample Packs

We know that not everyone has their “go-to” golf cigar decided on, so we have pieced together a couple of great sample offerings giving you the chance to try more than one, at a great price. Perfect for your group outings and holiday gifts!


When one thinks of golf, the most common association is with the elite. In addition, cigars are also related with the most higher portions of society, hence why it is not difficult to connect these two together.

Unlike most sports, that promises minute-by-minute action, golf is known to be a leisurely or man’s sport. When everything in your game seems to be going the way it should, it can also be a relaxing to be outdoor and take in the beatiful scenery a golf cours has to offer. Combining the game of golf with a relaxing stogie may only enhance a golfer’s ability to relax and enjoy his game to its fullest potential.

Why do people play golf and smoke cigars? Players who do often show signs of wealth and uses this sport to take to build connections and seal deals.

If you are part of such a circle, remember to carry a box that allows you to share your finest smokes with your comrades. In addition, if you’ve mastered the art of cutting, lighting and smoking a cigar, you can share your wealth of knowledge with other golfers which could potentially lead to more game invites.