Cigars for Causes

When we set forth our mission to unite the two great industries of Golf and Cigars, we were immediately drawn to just how generous the game of golf is for so many great causes. Time and time again, our products have been asked to donate and help drive extended value to golf tournaments; helping them raise more money for their tournament and the cause or foundation they stand for.

Greenside Cigars has been blessed with enormous amounts of attention from celebrities and influencers in the golf community. As this network grows, we wanted to be able to empower them to make a difference through our products. We chose to launch a new cigar series called “Cigars for Causes” that would be a special collection of exclusive recipes and personal branding and labeling attached to that golfer, and their personal cause. Each cigar sold in this series will each contribute $1 to a designated foundation or cause, pertinent to that specific brand.


Please come back and check in with us soon!