• The slogan of the Par ® Cigar, make sure everyone around you knows that when you are out on the golf course, you are lighting up cigars while you are slinging in pars. This classic soft T-Shirt is printed with the with the slogan "Making Pars and Lighting Cigars" on the front, and the traditional Par ® Cigar logo on the back.
  • Take to the links and swing for a birdie while you use the Birdie ® Stogie 2.75” Golf Tees Pack. This natural wood assortment comes with 20 tees, perfect for lasting through a full round of golf. For a more enjoyable day at the course, the longer tee length enables you to pull out your driver head or push the tee further into the ground to accommodate your iron club. Also available for Par ® Bogey ® and Double Bogey ® users too! FEATURES:
    • Type: Wooden performance tees
    • Color: Birdie Red, Par Black, Bogey Green, Double Orange
    • Amount: 20 pack
    • Length: 2 3/4”
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    Par Cigar

    The Par ® Cigar carries a mellow creaminess along with a complex array of flavor. This cigar is a tightly rolled Connecticut Ecuadorian wrapper, in the form of the famous Churchill, and consists of a super premium blend of aged Honduran tobaccos. With an attractive-looking three-seam cap, its smoke shows nutty and spicy impressions alongside touches of citrus and sweet wood. Receiving a 90 rating, the Par ® Cigar provides a consistent, long length and full flavor smoke finishing with hints of caramel. Suitable for any average par maker, enjoy this cigar while stringing together a set of pars, or outside the clubhouse after an even round.
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    Shoot 2 under with this great sample pack! An even blend of our two best, rated stogies. Your Celebratory sampler will come with 2 - Birdie ® Stogies and 2 - Par ® Cigars. This introductory offering is perfect for fathers, brothers, or anyone looking to add 4 great cigars to their golf bag. Your golf bag will never smell so good!
    • (2) Birdie ® Stogie: Torpedo, Honduran
    • (2) Par ® Cigar: Churchill, Ecuadorian
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    Secure 4 great quality cigars with 4 very diverse personalities. The ultimate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan will fall in love with how our 4 bands align perfectly to our pizza-loving heroes protecting New York City. The Cowabunga Collection comes with a cigar to represent each turtle - or member in your group. 1 - Birdie ® stogie for Rafael, 1 - Mulligan ® cigar for our leader, Leonardo,  1 - 3-Putt ® cigar for Donatello, and 1 - Double Bogey ® stogie for the fun-spirited, Michelangelo. This introductory offering is perfect for buddies, brothers, or anyone looking to take out 4 great cigars to their golf round.
    • Rafael (Strong): the Birdie® stogie - a torpedo, habano from Nicaragua (94 Rating)
    • Leonardo (Leader): The Mulligan® - a medium strength box-press robusto, sumatra from Honduras
    • Donatello (Sweet): The 3-Putt® - a sweet sugar-tip corona, sumatra from Ecuador
    • Michelangelo (Charismatic): The Double Bogey® - a mild maduro, toro shape from the Dominican
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    The Scorecard

    Score on this perfect sample pack with an even blend of all 4 of our great stogies. Your Scorecard will come with 1 - Birdie ® Stogie, 1 - Par ® Cigar, 1 - Bogey ® Stogie, and 1 - Double Bogey ® Stogie and would technically be two-over on the round. This introductory offering is perfect for fathers, brothers, or anyone looking to add 4 great cigars to their golf bag. Your golf bag will never smell so good!
    • Birdie® Stogie: Torpedo, Nicaragua (94 Rating)
    • Par® Cigar: Churchill,  Nicaragua (93 Rating)
    • Bogey® Stogie: Toro,  Ecuador
    • Double Bogey®: Churchill, Dominican


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