• The slogan of the Birdie ® Stogie, make sure everyone around you knows that you light up celebratory cigars with the first made birdie putt of your round with this classic soft T-Shirt white tee with the slogan printed on the back, and the logo on the front.
  • We have all had a case of the putting yips and managed to take 3 attempts to finish out a hole. Let everyone know that you have no problem sinking the game's easiest shot with this iconic 3-Putt ® Cigar tshirt. Comes in the traditional 3-Putt Purple label color with the 3-Putt icon located on the front left chest.
  • The slogan of the Par ® Cigar, make sure everyone around you knows that when you are out on the golf course, you are lighting up cigars while you are slinging in pars. This classic soft T-Shirt is printed with the with the slogan "Making Pars and Lighting Cigars" on the front, and the traditional Par ® Cigar logo on the back.
  • Let's face it, 3-putts happen and they are not always as enjoyable if not followed with a 3-Putt ® Cigar. This classic T-Shirt represents the art of a 3-putt... You miss, you miss again... you make! Celebrate, that it wasn't a 4-Putt.
  • The slogan of the Birdie ® Stogie, make sure everyone around you knows that every bag deserves a Birdie ® Stogie, and to never tee off without one again with this classic soft T-Shirt with the slogan printed on the front, and the logo on the back.
  • The classic Mulligan, we all know someone who has used them. Be sure to let people know you play with a group of average golfer's who continually shout "FORE", score with a six, and only write down five... because every now and again, the ball just doesn't seem to do what you told it to, and quite frankly... that's just isn't fair. Mulligan.
  • The average golfer's routine. Eat, sleep, BOGEY and repeat. Although most of us won't see this way of life until retirement, don't be afraid to rock this classic tshirt to let everyone know what your weekend routines consist of. Even though a Bogey isn't as good as a Par or Birdie, it still means your out golfing and maybe having a cigar, and that life would be quite alright.
  • The Birdie ® Stogie originated from a tradition, and this T-shirt confidently communicates that lighting a Birdie ® Stogie after a made birdie putt is a golf tradition, just like every other tradition. Other traditions like the Birdie ® Stogie might include: washing your hands after using the bathroom, saying grace before supper, watching Home Alone during Christmas time... It's just something we always do to carry on the tradition and make us feel good.
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    Here is your chance to be all about the Birdie. For a limited time, we are offering the trademarked Birdie ® Stogie box stuffed with both cigar and golf merchandise, making the perfect gift for that Birdie maker in your life. With over $200 in total merchandise and product, this gift pack is sure to make the special cigar and golf enthusiast in your life beam with joy. Included in the Birdie Stogie cigar box:
    • 4-Birdie Stogies
    • 1-Birdie T-Shirt
    • 1-Birdie Credit Card Bottle Opener
    • 1-Birdie Silicone Golf Bag Tag
    • 1-Birdie Golf Pouch with 10-wooden golf tees and 5-plastic ball markers
    • 1-Birdie Divot Tool with Ball Marker
    • 1-Birdie Golf Towel
    • 1-Birdie Cigar Cutter
    • 1-Birdie Golf Ball Cigar Holder
    • 1-Birdie Torch Lighter
  • How'd you like a beer bottle opener that fits right into your wallet? With a slim credit card style design, this stainless steel beauty is perfectly convenient and ideal for the wallet carrying man in your life. Just slip it into a designated slot in your billfold and you'll never be without a proper beer opener again. Made of high grade stainless steel and the size of a credit card, it's easy to keep with you as you enjoy your favorite beer, in your favorite weather, with your favorite people. Never be left without a bottle opener again. Dimensions: 3 1/3"L x 2"W


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