Pain Easers

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    Ahh… The classic three-putt. Nothing leaves a more sour taste in your mouth than getting to the green in regulation, and taking 3 strokes to put it in the hole. This cigar was brought into the line-up to combat that sour taste with some sugary sweetness. The 3-Putt ® cigar is a thin shot of velvety smooth and sweetness. Dominican filler and binder are covered by a beautiful a Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, and then sugar tipped for an extra sweet finish. If you have ever wanted to try sweet cigars, these babies are for you.
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    It is one of the hardest shots in golf... The opening first tee ball. For those of you who go from the parking lot to the first tee without an adequate warm-up on the range, this stogie is for you! Make sure you never have to re-tee your "breakfast ball" without a Breakfast Ball ® cigar to go with it. Burning slow and even, thanks to the masterful construction, akin to quality found within higher-end releases. The Breakfast Ball ® carries a mild profile with natural notes of cream and chocolate. A mellow and smooth smoke blended with coffee from Colombia, this cigar is a perfect early morning pick-me-up, or to help calm the nerves of standing on the first tee.
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    Mulligan Cigar

    Designed to ease the pain of a bad swing, the Mulligan Cigar ® is sure to take your mind off the game and refocus it on the superior quality of this cigar. Featuring a top-notch recipe from this 3-nation blend, chosen by experienced smokers for its fine craftsmanship and rich, traditional flavor. The Mulligan Cigar ® consists of hearty Honduran long-fillers, held together by a mouthwatering Indonesian binder and smooth Ecuadorian sumatra wrapper, which is then firmly pressed together offering a truly premium experience with a strength profile that sits firmly in the middle, with excellent construction and burn. This cigar has been pleasing a wide range of cigar and golf enthusiasts that require a shorter-timed smoke, just like the memory of that previous bad swing. Strength: Medium
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    Ahh... The snowman, dog balls, or simply - the dreaded eight. Truth is, it happens. Eights are never the score you intend on and usually indicate that your round is not going the direction you intended. No better way to get back on track than cutting and lighting the Snowman stogie. The Snowman Stogie ® is a mellow, evenly burning smoke that has a not-to-overpower hint of vanilla. Infused with vanilla from Indonesia, this cigar is comprised of aged Dominican long-filler tobacco, which are then cloaked in a light, golden Connecticut wrapper from Ecuador giving its mild profile. If you like enjoying a creamy vanilla ice cream cone on a warm summer day, or a plate of fresh baked vanilla sugar cookies over the holidays, you are going to have to try this cigar!
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    The Pain Easers

    Get a dose of medicine with this great sample pack with a pair of each of our Pain Easer cigars. Your Pain Easer sampler will come with 2 - Mulligan ® Cigars, and 2 - Three Putt ® Cigars. This introductory sampler is perfect for any beginning cigar fan, or for a variety of your fellow golfing 4-some looking to add 4 great cigars to their golf bag for their next round.
    • (1) Mulligan ® Cigar: Robusto, Ecuador/Indonesia/Honduras
    • (1) 3-Putt ® Cigar: Corona, Ecuador/Dominican/Dominican - Sweet Sugar Tip
      • (1) Snowman ® Stogie: Corona, Ecuador/Dominican/Dominican - Vanilla Infused (Indonesia)
      • (1) Breakfast Ball ®: Petite Corona, Dominican/Dominican/Dominican - Coffee Infused (Colombia)


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